Do Not Miss Out On Making Money From MAC Totals

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Doug Upstone

Thursday, February 9, 2017 11:17 AM CST

The Mid-American Conference is not a major conference or a small school league either, they are somewhere in between. But if you are betting basketball this season, it should be front and center.


The MAC brand of basketball has gone through high and low periods and is probably best known for having a good collection of talented players who are either two inches too small or do not have the wingspan or foot speed for the more prominent schools or major conferences.


After being in the Top 10 in RPI the last two years, the MAC is currently 14th, as other than Akron, the majority of the teams are within a few games either way of .500.


However, when surveying the totals and looking to generate college basketball picks, every team in this conference is an OVER play, except for Eastern Michigan who is close at 9-8 Under.


Here is every teams totals record and more importantly how they are performing at home in conference play against the sportsbooks college basketball odds. (Note: The OVER figure is first)


Season Record MAC Home Games
Akron 11-9 3-3
Ohio U. 10-7-1 4-2
Buffalo U. 10-9 2-3
Kent State 11-8 4-2
Bowling Green 12-10 4-2
Miami-O 11-10 2-4
Central Mich. 15-5 3-2
Ball State 17-3 5-1
Northern Ill. 11-9-1 4-1-1
Eastern Mich. 8-9 2-3
Toledo 14-8 3-2
Western Mich. 12-8 4-0


Though not every team has a positive OVER record, collectively this league is 40-25-1 OVER, which is a very profitable 61.5 percent.


What Has Caused This Conference To Be So High Scoring?


In watching a variety of their games, the MAC like the Big Ten has gone away from bump-and-grind basketball to a more free flowing game. This has attracted better athletes and more skilled offensive players.


As these changes have occurred, coaches realized by playing so conservative, they were limiting the potential of their players and they knew it was much easier to sell an 18-year on playing defense if he can run to the rim and shoot threes.


This has brought in an influx of players in the 6’3 to 6’7 range who have different and better skills than their predecessors, with a greater range of abilities.


Will This Still Maintain High Profitability?


As we know, this is a question that is close to impossible to answer. The handle on MAC games is low to begin with, so oddsmakers like those at Bet Mania are not going to place a great deal of emphasis unless more basketball bettors start paying attention.


Seemingly the only time sportsbooks would pay more attention the rest of the regular season is on Tuesday’s, since the is night all MAC teams are playing this year, as kind of their night to get noticed, with relatively small card otherwise.


Look for the next group of MAC games and think OVER when wagering.