Please Stop the James versus Jordan Rhetoric




Courtesy of Tony George

This argument reminds me of the Kardashians – Who Cares!   Anyone involved in sports betting and or is a sports junkie and has social media, all you see on your timeline is the constant  “Is LeBron James the greatest ever or is Micheal Jordan?”.  In my opinion who cares!  LeBron has plenty of haters, because quite frankly he is LeBron James.  He is the Best player in the NBA today bar none, and has dominated the landscape of Pro Hoops for years and years, and has 3 Titles to his name against some good teams no doubt.  It is very hard to compare yester-years players and teams against teams playing today.  Back in the day the center position was key to winning titles, now there are hardly any centers and the game is different.  It is apples to oranges, and again who cares.  The only thing I care about, on a selfish note, is who covers the spread.

I saw Micheal Jordan play in the Playoffs in his prime, and saw him play in person numerous times, and I have also seen LeBron James play in person.  There is NO doubt in my mind Jordan was a little better and is also 6-0 in the NBA Finals. Quite frankly I think they are about even, one just slightly better than the other but also LeBron’s career is not over.  Hell, Bill Russel won 11 out of 13 in the NBA Finals, more than Jordan and more than James will ever win.  Now rings do not equate to greatness, ask Dan Marino, but they surely are a measure of greatness in some respects as well, currently Jordan has the lead and never lost an NBA Finals.  There is no question the league is peppered with great players in the right here and right now, and LeBron has outplayed them when it counts 3 times, but he also has lost in the NBA Finals.

Micheal Jordan set the benchmark of what a star player can do and how he can make every opponent look like a college backup, and he simply could take over a game singled handedly and make everyone else on the floor look like boys versus a man.  LeBron James can do the same thing.  Why does there have to be an ongoing feud in the media, like Colin Cowherd dedicating a good majority of his daily radio show on Fox hammering this subject?  It is boring and worn out and old. Again, Jordan is old news, like Tiger Woods, Sandy Colfax, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, Babe Ruth, and all the other stars of days past. Could Mark Spitz beat Micheal Phelps?  Again, who cares, both dominated their era’s.

Chris Russo on his Mad Dog radio Show is relentless in talking about the old days and how teams back in the day would dominate today.  I disagree. Quite frankly they train and build a better athlete nowadays.  These kids have personal trainers, nutrition experts, head shrinks and are training 365 days a year.  Len Dawson had a Fresca and a cigarette at halftime of the Super Bowl when he won it, Tom Brady had a Gatorade and protein bar.  Again apples to oranges guys. Times are different, let it go. Jack Nicklaus has 18 Majors and Tiger only 14 and Tiger is washed up and done.  Who was the greatest? Could Jack match Tigers dominance in the 1990’s at his peak, could he compete against today’s players where the PGA fields are far deeper than days past?  Who cares, Jack was a player of his era, and his records, titles and prowess are unmatched and back in the day  kept all who followed him stunned on a weekly basis. Who is better is simply fodder that means nothing.

Was Jordan Better than Lebron?   I think so based on the eyeball test and years of analyzing players as a professional handicapper, but I am not going to the wall on a discussion board about it, much ado about nothing.  There are arguments on both sides of the discussion and no clear cut answer, but why does it matter and dominate the media?  Well ESPN has to fill 24 hour programming and National Radio Shows have to fill 3 or 4 hours time slots so I guess we keep digging this up.  Micheal Jordan is not playing in the Eastern Conference Finals this year, LeBron is, and perhaps another NBA Finals is likely as Washington and Boston are beating each other brains out right now while LeBron and Cavs rest and get ready to pounce on the winner of that series

Could the Bulls at their prime beat this years Cavs team or the Warriors?  Again who cares, it is pure speculation.  It will never happen and I cannot bet on it.  Just sit back and watch a great player in his prime this season, and perhaps he takes on Curry and Durant and Green and Thompson and perhaps that team is better than the Lakers of old, the Jazz with Stockton and Malone and all the others Jordan waxed in his prime.  It simply does not warrant dominating the NBA discussion boards and national radio in my opinion.  Appreciate the past, watch classic NBA Games on the NBA Channel,  but we all live in the here and now and that is what counts.