Industry Professionals who Endorse Tony George

The TRUE TEST of any person in the business world is the respect he gets from his PEERS.
Below is an example of both the longevity of Tony’s tenure in the business, and his standing among his associates.

Tony is an honest and legit handicapper that you can trust to put your money to work. If you are looking for the type of sports handicapper that cares about his clients and actually bets on the service plays he releases to his clients, then Tony G. is your guy. Over the past few years while getting to know Tony George and working with him, I have learned that not only is he a straight shooter and fellow hardworking handicapper, but he has been around the block and understands what handicapping is all about. Again, if you are considering a purchase from Tony George, do not hesitate any longer. He’ll treat you right as a customer and work extremely hard to keep your business.

Lou P.  – President

Tony George is one of the most respected names in the industry, not just because he has been around for so long, but because he’s earned it. You don’t last in this industry if you aren’t good, but that’s only part of what it takes. What Tony brings to the table is integrity and priorities which he has in the right places. Tony believes in putting the public first and in a day and age where speed and quantity seem to be all the rage, Tony still believes in quality and what is the best for everyone’s best interests. It’s a privilege to work with and get advice from a person like Tony.

Mitch Wilson
President, Sports Chat Place LTD

Tony George is one of only a select few cappers that I would recommend to others. He has consistently
been producing winners for what seems like forever. If you like to make money Tony is your man. Others
in this industry like to scheme and lie about overall records, but not Tony, he is honest and lets his
Records speak for itself.

Craig Trapp

Tony George is a one of a kind.  He is a true student of sports and spends countless hours studying teams, conferences and match ups.  When Tony makes a pick it is based on the best information available at the time.  He doesn’t always win, nobody does, but Tony’s winning percentage is much higher than most of the others in the business.  With Tony’s radio talents in the sports arena well known, we are more than happy to have made him the Host of our National Radio Show in conjunction with Motor Racing Network.

Jim Mueller – Host,  The American Outdoorsman TV Show

Mel Stewart Sports has worked with Tony George for over 17 years. He is honest, reliable, and knows sports better than anyone.  We respect Tony George for his knowledge and expertise.  He is truly a professional.

Joyce S.
Manager of Operations

I’ve been associated with sports handicappers the last 15 years and nobody knows the BIG 12 conference like Tony George. You want to learn and make money, follow Tony George, he will bring you to the winners circle more times than not! Furthermore, Tony is a man of integrity and loyalty and in my books, that’s the golden rule of life!

Ron Raymond

We’ve known Tony for 5+ years now and just being honest here folks there aren’t many harder working sports handicappers in the business!

• Years of experience in the online sports gambling industry.
• One of the first cappers to sell a play on the Internet.
• Always dedicated to winning.
• Tons of options and subscriptions for his clients.
• Strong plays on his favorite conferences.
• Always accountable, he’ll straight up tell you when he’s wrong!

Throw in the facts and it’s easy to see why every month he’s one of our TOP producing cappers.

President – Owner

I have been involved in the handicapping industry full time since 2002. In that period of time I have watched people come and go on a regular basis. On a few occasions I have met fellow handicappers that I consider not only to be good at their trade but even better as a person outside the arena of business. Tony George is one of those rare individuals that I have had the honor of knowing over the last 4 years. Tony operates with a high degree of integrity and professionalism that differs him from the vast majority of companies in addition to individuals in this industry. I am not only proud to have Tony as a business constituent but I am even prouder to call him a friend.

Ross Benjamin
President/Owner: RB Wins Inc.

There are tons of cappers in this world that I have been associated with and when Tony George comes to mind I can only think of one word: SOLID.  I have known Tony for 12 years and his integrity, commitment to winning, and dedication to this industry is flat out top shelf.

JR O’Donnell
CEO and founder of Red Zone Sports

Having dealt with sports handicappers for over 10 years now, I can honestly say that Tony George is one of the good guys.  His analysis of games are well thought out and always informative.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

Tony has a proven track record of helping his clients profit over the books and he does so with a high degree of honesty and integrity.  There are a few handicappers in this business whom I trust over the long haul, but Tony is definitely one that has my seal of approval.

Jimmy Boyd
CEO – Owner

I do not trust many people in the sports betting industry but Tony is
definitely one of the very few that I would and have. He is a true
professional and one of the most respected sports handicappers in the
world not just by me but by many other respected professionals.

Vernon Croy
President  / CEO – Vernon Croy Sports

Over the past two decades, there have been many handicappers that have entered the sports service industry and Tony George has stood the test of time and provided consistent winners for his clients for the past 19 years. I have done numerous radio shows with Tony and I have always respected his hard work and integrity and his willingness to put his clients first.

Steve Merril
CEO / Owner

I have known Tony for close to 10 years and he is the real deal. This industry is filled with marketers who have never placed a bet in their life, while Tony lives and breathes this life. The selections his clients get are the same games he is personally wagering on. Even though I think you can trust his knowledge across the board on sports, he is truly a Big 12 Expert.

Johnny Detroit
Co Founder of Pregame

Tony George is a fine professional sports handicapper. He is dedicated to success. But far more importantly, he is fine human being and family man. I’m proud to call him a friend.

-Wayne Allyn Root, Founder & CEO

Tony George is one of the best football handicappers in the business.  He manages to sustain his NFL and CFB runs better than almost anyone in the industry.  Everyone has their ups and downs, but with Tony you know those ups are going to last a long time.

Jack Jones

Tony George is with out question one of the good guys in the industry and has established himself
as a top handicapper for the past 20 years.  You always know when you speak to Tony that
You’re getting it straight.  Hard work and honesty are rare things in our industry but it’s not something
you never worry about when dealing with this man.

Wade M
General Manager – Docs Sports

Tony George is not only one of the truly unique personalities in handicapping, he’s also a dedicated worker and loyal friend.  Time and time again Tony has stepped up to defend those he cares for and for his principles, and beyond just the numbers, that level of integrity is what separates Tony from everyone else.  Tony has been a weekly guest on my sports handicapping podcast, and his ability to flex his handicapping muscle in any sport at any time contributes to one of our most popular shows among the listeners and most enjoyable to record.  Between his skill in broadcasting, his ability to inject humor into life, his passion for everything he does, and most importantly, his WINNING, Tony George is a true professional.

Dan Bebe
Handicapper – MLB Broadcaster