To All Tony George Clients



It is with great pride and almost sleepless anticipation that I have made the decision to merge my talents and wares, reputation, and mass media skill set with the Legendary DOC SPORTS moving forward as of July 15, 2017.  Tony George Sports will simply be Tony George over at Doc  Many people hate change and I am an old school cat all the way and rarely like change either in all honesty, but a more enhanced version of my brand in conjunction with Doc Sports is going to be bigger and better than ever.

My selections, Radio Show, Video’s, Mass Media including a new weekly podcast, and all my 100% GUARANTEED Sports Selections will ONLY be found there moving forward as of July 15, 2017.  No where else on the Internet will I be able to be found in terms of sports selections.  My SB Nation Radio Show (kicking off again August 26th) and

There is strength in numbers and surrounding yourself with successful and motivated people is key to success in any walk of life professionally or personally, because at days end the level of you own personal success is equated to the level of success of the people you surround yourself with.  Doc Sports without question was the right decision at the right time.  This was not an easy decision nor one made overnight as I have worked day and night with due diligence to build up what is in front of you today.  Again, this was the right decision, and my recharged battery and motivation has never been higher as the standards over at Doc Sports are high, and this will show itself in my results for my clients.  A Win / Win so to speak.

Tony George will only be a portal to get to my offerings at Doc – there will be a FREE. No Obligation $60 member account with their 100% Profit Guarantee attached to it.  I would hope all my personal clients will sign up on this and continue their winning ways, and with the last 2 years of the NFL exceeding 63.7 ATS overall each year, and Two Top 3 finishes in the rankings for TGS, it will again be a big NFL season on tap.

I hope to see all my long term and daily clients over at after July 15, and again we are offering you a free $60 member account for coming over, guaranteed to profit.